Find Relief from Neck Pain: A Look on Why You Need a Chiropractor

Find Relief from Neck Pain: A Look on Why You Need a Chiropractor.

You wake up one day feeling a slight pinch in your neck, yet you dismiss it, thinking that it’s just your body’s normal reaction to stress. Feeling stiffness in your neck is one thing, but experiencing an excruciating pain in your neck is another, more serious matter.

Normally, neck pain would go away on its own within a few days, and only conservative treatments are necessary to alleviate pain. Should your pain persist for several weeks, you might already need help from a chiropractor. You might ask, though: what can they do to help you find relief from neck pain?

Usual Causes of Neck Pain

To have a better understanding on how you can get relief from neck pain, chiropractors will first determine the root cause. Firstly, neck pain may be caused by a pinched nerve, which happens when one or more of your neck’s vertebrae shift out of alignment. Typically, your vertebrae may shift out of alignment due to poor posture or a bad sleeping position.

Neck pain can also be caused by whiplash, which is one of the most common neck injuries. It happens when your neck experiences a sudden movement, be it forward and backward or from side to side. This sudden movement then causes tears in your neck’s tendons and ligaments.

Recommended Home Treatments

Spinal adjustments done by a chiropractor may help in alleviating neck pain, though there are some easy steps that you can do at home first. Doctors recommend the ice treatment, wherein you hold an ice pack on your neck for 15 minutes three or more times a day. Conversely, you can try taking a hot shower to help in relaxing strained neck muscles.

It may also be time to consider replacing your pillow, as it may be the cause of your neck problems. Surprisingly, your pillow might be forcing you to position your neck in an unnatural position. More importantly, do a couple of light neck exercises to loosen those stiff muscles.

Do You Need Help Today?

What if all these home treatments weren’t effective? Perhaps it’s time for you visit Dr. Jennifer Layton at Lindfield Chiropractic Centre. It’s important to know when you should seek her help, especially since neck pain can cause drastic effects on your health. You can expect spinal adjustments, holistic health advice, and specific neck exercises when you visit a chiropractor.

Remember to visit a chiropractor when your neck pain doesn’t subside or improve after a few days, or if you’re experiencing excruciating pain whenever you look to the left or right.

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